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San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer

If You need San Diego Bankruptcy advice, You do NOT have to Pay for it. Any Law firm that wants to charge a potential client for advice regarding a tough financial circumstance, just doesn’t “get it”. Do not work with an Attorney that is in the “San Diego Bankruptcy Business”. You need to speak with someone who actually cares about helping You make the best financial decision.

Make no mistake about it, Bankruptcy is a Financial Tool and is something You should completely understand. Unfortunately, it is ignored by all educational institutions and most of the talking-heads out there. Nobody has the gumption to tell You the Truth… Bankruptcy just might save Your life.


The only San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer I trust with my Friends, Family and Listeners is William McDonald. He is a tremendous Attorney, Consumer Advocate, and someone You can TRUST to give You the best possible advice. William offers Free, un-timed Consultations to anyone in Southern California. You can take advantage of that generous offer by calling 1-800-997-1235 or emailing below.


Reasons You might need a Free San Diego Bankruptcy Consultation:
– You are only able to afford to make the minimum payments on Your credit      cards
– You have utilized a PayDay Loan more than once in the past 6 months
– The amount of credit card debt You have is increasing each month
– You have been “robbing Peter to pay Paul”
– There is a lawsuit pending against You
– Your wages are being garnished
– You are considering a Short Sale or Foreclosure of your home
– Collection calls are disturbing Your life
– You can see no light at the end of the “Debt Tunnel”
-You recently Lost a Job


I am not an Attorney, but I know a lot about Bankruptcy in San Diego. If You want to speak with me, I’m happy to help any way I can, 100% Free. Just use the contact form below.