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You Need to Know

San Diego Bankruptcy Myths

A married person cannot file individually for Bankruptcy in San Diego.

– If the debt is in your name alone, you can file separately. However, if you are both responsible, you should both file or your creditor will likely continue to pursue payment/collection from your spouse.


You can’t discharge tax obligations in a bankruptcy proceeding.

– While this is typically true, it’s not ALWAYS true. There are instances when you can discharge IRS debts in Bankruptcy.


You will lose all your property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

– The purpose of filing for Bankruptcy is to start FRESH not FROM SCRATCH. This is why Bankruptcy is referred to as “Protection” for Consumers. Most people who file will keep the lion’s share of all their personal property.

San Diego Bankruptcy

The process for Bankruptcy in San Diego is actually very simple. Follow the Guide below and remove the worry from Your venture to the world of being Debt Free.

Please remember, the United States Bankruptcy Code was created on YOUR behalf. It exists to provide You with Relief and Protection from Creditors. The Founding Fathers of this Country went through the “Debtors-Prision” experience across the Pond and wanted to ensure nothing like that ever happened to this new, great Country they were Founding. Those same Founding Fathers were also predominantly Christian Ministers. So, it should come as no surprise, the Bankruptcy Code was derived from clear messaging in the Bible.


Foreclosure in San Diego

You never have to go through a Foreclosure in San Diego. There is always a better solution. Filing for Bankruptcy Protection will stop a Foreclosure DEAD in it’s tracks. Even if the “Foreclosure Sale Date” is today at 5pm… if You file for Bankruptcy protection at 4:55pm, the Foreclosure sale does not happen. If it did happen for some reason, the Bankruptcy would “un-do” it immediately.